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1. Please refer to my lists below regarding what I will and will *not* draw before requesting.

2. If you want to request or commission me, please send me a note. It really helps me find your request faster and easier.

3. Be patient. I do all of my drawing in my spare time, which I don't always have a lot of. My busy life often causes unavoidable delays, so you may have to wait a while. Especially if I have a lot of requests to do, as I complete them in the order received with very limited exceptions.

4. I respect copyrights. I will *NOT* directly use someone else's art in my works, whether it be from DeviantArt or another site. Doing such violates my moral code. I will directly use them *IF* and *ONLY* if the work is very clearly marked as "Free to use" or if I have the Artist's direct permission. Otherwise they are only used for inspiration and referencing.


Perils: Quicksand, Mud, etc. (Mostly Pokemon*)

*I can try drawing your character OCs, but *only* if I'm provided a good, usable picture reference and the level of detail on them in my work doesn't matter to you as much.

-- DENIED --

NSFW and Mature Content.
(This includes, but is not limited to: Blood, Guts, Gore, Nudity, Sexual and Suggestive content, Vore, etc.)
We're keeping it PG-13 around here. Any requests that fall under these categories will *always* be declined.


Spider cocooning
Sticky situations
Characters tied up, being squeezed, etc.

Please do *NOT* use my works in your art without my direct permission. I do work hard on them ya know... :(


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If you like my art or are just feeling generous, you can donate points to me here.

Giving points is *never* required or expected of you of course, but any donations I do receive are greatly appreciated and will be put toward Core Membership.

Thanks in advance~ <3

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-- Under Construction --



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United States
Well howdy, I'm CosmicRay25.

I'm just your average guy with a Stuck Fetish that enjoys RPs and Fan Fiction. I'm mainly a Fetish Artist and RPer.


Just discovered that a bunch of my favorites somehow got unfavorited. 😠

No idea what happened, but I'm working on re-favoriting the stuff I had. So if you see notifications that I favorited one or more of your works, that's why. You guys might want to check over your folders to see if the same thing happened to you...
Sorry for my lack of activity as of late, guys.

My life has gotten a lot busier. Having to take care of a family member at all hours of the day really cuts into your free time. :(
Hey guys, I have some questions.

1) Is it possible to favorite deviations without featuring them?

2) Is there a way for me to save Stamps without having to favorite them or bookmark their pages in my browser?

I just added a bunch of stamps to my favorites because I either like them or I'm saving them for easier access to use later, but I don't want the other art I've favorited to be buried by them.

I've only been on DA for a week, so there's a lot of things I don't know. So please bear with me.

Thanks in advance!
Just ran out of time. Didn't have nearly as much time to draw as I would have liked. So my first official deviation will unfortunately be delayed another day or so. Sorry guys :(
Not sure if I'll do art or literature first. Haven't decided yet. But I'll try to get it uploaded by tomorrow. Look out for it anyhow if you're reading this.
#pokemon #pokemonfanart #pokemonfanfiction


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Thanks for the fav! Let me know if you use the slime effect! I didn't make it but I'd love to see it get used more!
zeranno Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
Thanks for the fav!
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Thank you for the favorites. :)
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